Commercial Photographers - DNA

Commercial Photographers - DNA

Your name: 
Desmond Louw & Antonia Heil

Your business name:
DNA photographers

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Tell us a bit about your business:
We are DNA - based in Cape Town and Berlin. We found our niche in car, commercial and people photography but also shoot editorials, events, TVCs, weddings and whatever comes our way really.

How long have you worked as a photographers?
Desmond: On the side for 10 years, full time for 8 years. 
Antonia: I started shooting in 2009 and since 2012 I’m working full time with Des.


Do you feel it was an instant success or did it take a while to find its feet?
Desmond: It’s been coming for a while next to having other professions, but once we had so much work, there was no other option than going full time into photography.

If any, what kind of jobs did you have before your career took off?
Desmond: I worked as an electronic engineer.
Antonia: I was a journalist. 

What made you decide to follow a creative career choice (though possibly risky) rather than something more stable?
Antonia: What career is really stable? Desmond and I both believe in being fulfilled and having fun with what we spend most of our time with - our work.

The ‘stability’ of loving what you do is all we need.

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Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?Desmond: Of course. Doubt comes and goes. It pushes you to work harder though. Speak to others about your work, ask for feedback, be ready to receive honest feedback...  

What is your favourite accomplishment?
Antonia: I guess all the amazing places we get to go to realizing: hey, others are here on holiday and we get paid to be here.
Desmond: My last shoot.


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Tell us about any workshops you may offer:
Nothing planned at the moment. ;)

What is your favourite lens and why?
Desmond: 20mm 1.4. Shooting wide and shallow has something to it for me.
Antonia: 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4 - just love these for people shots.

Are you working on any out of the ordinary projects at the moment?
Antonia: It’s got nothing to do with our business but our love for people and their stories. I started a podcast called Braindisco - we host dinner story parties and record them. 

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What is playing in your CD player/iPod right now?
Antonia: Sylvan Esso “Kick Jump Twist”
Desmond: Fleetwood Mac

What’s your favourite ’90s song?
Desmond: Big question. Strangely, Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline popped into my head?


Porsche_Track_Experience_Master_ (3) shot by DNA photographers.jpg

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?
Antonia: I think about whatever the topic of the podcast is that I’m listening to (I’m a podcast addict!).
Desmond: Yep, same here. This is podcast time!  And where to ride my bikes next haha.

What were you like in high school?
Antonia: As curious as I am today.
Desmond: High energy! Never ever sitting still, always at the local mall riding street. Skateboarding and BMXing was my life.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your high school self?
Desmond: Never worry, It will all turn out perfectly :)



Your website:

Instagram handle: @desmondlouw | @antoniaheil

Twitter: @desmondlouw | @antoniaheil



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