For Photographers - White Kite Studio

For Photographers - White Kite Studio

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Anzel van Biljon

Your Business Name
White Kite studio . shop . school


Tell us a little bit about your business
White Kite is a boutique brand building studio and school. I help creative business owners establish order, consistency and connection through beautiful design and curated content. I also believe that it's important to lay a solid foundation and strategic direction for your business, and that is why I host a number of online and in-person entrepreneurship courses.

In your experience with starting your business, what advice do you have for photographers / creatives starting out?
1. Never put any work on your portfolio that you would not like to do again. Create the kind of content and work that will capture the attention and hearts of your ideal client. Over time, that will become known for the kind of work you put out there, so don't show anything that you don't want to be known for.

2. Keep every single touchpoint with your business consistent in style. This will create trust and authority for your business. 

3. The photographic industry is very competitive, and many people can offer the same kind of service at the same price. So, make sure you stand out by delighting your potential clients with added, unexpected value. Answer all of their questions before they could even ask them. Be organised and make it as easy as possible for them to book you through systems and documents that make the process logical and beautiful.


Did anything in particular make you choose this field?
I've always known that I needed to be an entrepreneur and work for myself, so I set out to do that as soon as I felt confident enough and had an idea that I knew would be profitable. I come from an Art Direction and Design background in the advertising industry, so at least I had a skill to work with. The wedding industry came natural to me, as I had experience working at a wedding venue and even tried my hand at wedding photography while I was a student. I started out as a boutique wedding stationery studio, but my business evolved very organically over the last 4 years into something that I think suits my interests and passions best. I love branding and working with other entrepreneurs and I get such a kick out of helping them to build successful businesses of their own.

Who is your ideal client?
I offer simple, beautiful and functional design to creative entrepreneurs that are ready to invest in quality design and brand longevity. My ideal client grasps the importance and power of strategic, well-designed branding, and is willing to set out the time and commitment to do things right.

Do you work with many photographers?
Yes! I've branded so many photographers over the last 4 years, including Wesley Vorster, Yolande Marx, Lad and Lass, Julia Winkler, Leandri Kers and Kristi Agier to name just a few.


How can your business help theirs?
I know the wedding industry and I know the systems and tools that photographers need to capture the attention of their ideal clients and book them effortlessly. My experience with working with so many photographers, is that I know the ins-and-outs of a photography business almost as well as I know my own. I know exactly what to offer in order for your business to stand out, hook the right clients and flow effortlessly through the process from start to finish. 


Tell us about the workshops you offer:
The Pink Party Workshop is a place for creative entrepreneurs to network, learn and get inspired. It’s an intensive 3-day workshop designed to get you focused, motivated and armed with a plan to identify your ideal client, craft your brand around them and in the end - book them! Whether you’re just starting out or already have a brand, I invite you to spend three days with me and get yourself on the road to beautifully branded success and making more money doing what you love! Over 200 past attendees has loved what this course taught them, and you won't be any different. We cover 4 modules including how to write a business plan, setting goals, the branding process, online marketing, collaborating and building community. For more detailed information about this course have a look at this blog post or email me directly on



Are there dates for 2018 yet?
Yes. My next workshop will be help on 5, 6 and 7 June in Stellenbosch. 

Where should Working Creatives get more info?
Have a look at my website ( first, and then pop me an email on for any and all the information you need! 


Is there anything else you'd like working creatives to know?
I offer a 5% discount to creatives that book me for a branding project through this article. Use the promo code WORKINGCREATIVES. 

Your website:

Instagram:  @whitekitestudio

Facebook: @whitekitestudio

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