For Photographers - Digital Camera Services

For Photographers - Digital Camera Services


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Raymond Whittaker

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Digital Camera Services

Tell us a little bit about your business
DCS opened its doors in May 2018. I repair and service photo and video equipment, from the basic tri-pod to top end Professional cameras and lenses. All brands and models (spares dependant on suppliers)

In your experience with starting your business, what advice do you have for photographers / creatives starting out?
Turn your dreams into plans otherwise they will stay dreams. Do the ground work and put in the hours. Join workshops and talk to people in the industry, you will be amazed how happy most people are to share advice and experiences.
Take That Risk.

Did anything in particular make you choose this field?  
I basically fell into the perfect job in 2002. My personal camera was a wind on point and shoot Fujifilm, I didn’t even know that one could repair a camera.
Tim from Cape Camera Repairs asked me to come for an interview after getting to know me at our local coffee shop where I attended to all the maintenance on their kitchen appliances. He asked me to dismantle a camera and put it back together the same way as he gave it to me. I saw what was causing the transport to jam and fixed it. My first repair was an Olympus MjU Zoom 105 film camera. ☺   
I am truly happy that I found the profession that I love and enjoy.


Who is your ideal client?
Every person who owns a camera ☺

Do you work with many photographers?
Every day, from the mommy-tog taking snaps of her kids, students, amateurs and all the way up to the top professional names in the industry.


What specifically do you wish they knew when starting out?
Whether you`re an amateur or a full time pro photographer, this is not an easy trade to be in. If you only shoot weekends or do this for a living you need to plan and understand business! You will only get out what you put in.

Budget! I always advise my more amateur customers to budget for maintenance and upgrading. If they want to grow their business they need to grow their gear and for that they HAVE to budget and save.

How can your business help theirs?
I provide a fast and professional turnaround time for all photographers. I know that the equipment they work with are inherent and essential to their business needs at the end of the day and without them having good clean working gear they can’t grow their own businesses.


Is there anything else you'd like working creatives to know?
Please contact me for any technical advice or queries, always happy to help where I can.
Find your passion and follow it with everything in you.
Live it every day.

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