For Photographers - Lakari

For Photographers - Lakari

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Lakari Creative Studio

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Tell us a little bit about your business: 
Lakari offers beautiful packaging and products for professional photographers and creatives. We want to help photographers focus on their art of profession, by offering unique and stylish products to help them save time and energy in all other areas of their business.

Our products are unique in design and specially handcrafted to bring an artistic look and feel that inspires. We believe in minimalism and beautiful simplicity. Our desire is to bring photographers creative design that fits with their brand personality and showcases their work in a beautiful way.

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Did anything in particular make you choose this field?  
Being a photographer myself, I’ve always had a bit of a struggle finding beautiful and unique packaging, which led to the start of Lakari as I’d often receive messages from other photographers regarding my packaging and felt the need to actually start offering this

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Who is your ideal client?
I’d say our ideal client is someone that can appreciate quality and beautiful design

What is unique about the product or service you're offering?
I think the simplicity of our products and the straightforward ordering process has been really working for us. The fact that products can be purchased in small quantities and that a lot of our products can be combined with the products that other packaging companies in SA offer. It has been so great to collaborate with other creatives. We love that we are able to offer photographers many options where they can also add their own stamp and are not restricted to one look/style.

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In your experience with starting your business, what advice do you have for photographers / creatives starting out?
Be patient, be kind, persevere and also be prepared to fail…. but never give up. Make sure your quality is top notch and the service you offer is personal. 

Do you work with many photographers?
We have worked with over 350 photographers in SA and just over 100 international photographers

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How can your business help theirs?
Simplifying their packaging needs, giving photographers more time to focus on the other aspects of their business.

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Facebook: Lakari Packaging


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Real Estate Photographer - Mike Little

Real Estate Photographer - Mike Little

Wildlife Photographer - Ross Couper

Wildlife Photographer - Ross Couper