Fashion, Fitness & Portraiture -  Louis Daniel Botha

Fashion, Fitness & Portraiture - Louis Daniel Botha


Your name:

Your business name:
Louis Daniel Botha photography

Tell us a bit about your business:
I am a photographer, working in fashion, portraiture and fitness.

How long have you worked as a photographer?
3 years full time now. Before that, I studied at medical school, and discovered my passion for photography around my 4th year. From then on, I used the spare time I had available to learn and shoot.

Do you feel it was an instant success or did it take a while to find its feet?
It definitely isn’t an instant success. It takes years. And even then, you will find obstacles and be humbled by them. In this industry, you are a child, always learning, otherwise, you fall behind.

If any, what kind of jobs did you have before your career took off?
Magazine work, for example GQ, men’s health and also working with a few celebrities.


Do you feel that you chose your "passion," or did it choose you?
It found me. At least, that’s what my current theory is.

What made you decide to follow a creative career choice (though possibly risky) rather than something more stable?
My gut mainly. But I am still keeping a sensible mind, and medicine is there, but not in the capacity it was before.

Have you ever doubted your talent? If so, how did you work through your doubt?
I am always doubting my work. I think it's natural, and it forces you to adapt, to face new challenges and to always learn.


What is your favourite accomplishment?
I worked with the top male model in the world ( at a certain point in time.) It was a very risky venture, since nothing was guaranteed, and i had to take days off hospital work, to fly overseas, in the hopes that this will happen.

Tell us about any workshops you may offer:
I do have a few at the moment- just some examples would be working with male models, shooting in black and white, portraiture, retouching black and white images, lighting for portraits, basics of retouching, shooting in studio, shooting on location.

Where should Working Creatives get more info on workshops / your offerings?
I will make the dates available on my social media, as well as my website.


What is your favourite lens and why?
Before it was a 85mm lens, because i felt it great for portraiture. And at the moment, I am searching for a new favorite lens.

Are you working on any out of the ordinary projects at the moment?
I am, but I can't provide too much information on that at present.




What is playing in your CD player/iPod right now?
It’s usually jazz- Miles Davis, Chet Baker, etc.

What’s your favourite ’90s song?
I can’t think of one right now.

What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?
When am i traveling overseas again

What were you like in high school?
Friendly, enjoyed reading, writing.

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your high school self?
Nothing really. We are who we become. And you go through events in life that add up to a moment in the present, that describes who you are for that moment.


Your website:

Instagram handle: @louisdanielbotha

Facebook: louisdanielbothaphotography


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